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    Week 9: The Future of HeroesGuru

    We'll be talking about something a little different this week - no particular Hero to speak of, just a notice to all of you who have read these articles.

    I'm afraid I have sad news this week, friends. If any of you have been loyally reading my articles, I thank you for the support you gave. Unfortunately this website has fallen into disrepair - the owner and manager of the site has ceased his work, and if we're not moving forward then we're moving backward. I'm deeply saddened since I looked forward to a long relationship with HeroesGuru, but it seems it wasn't meant to be so.

    This site was started before many other fansites - at the time, we had the only guide section available on any fansite. We started to hook up with streamers, w

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    Week 8: Chen Stormstout

    This week I'll talk a bit about our favorite Brewmaster and Stormstout, the legendary Chen. Preceeded by his partner Li Li in the Heroes' Roster, the double Panda dream is now real. I want to share a bit about his design and my first thoughts of him - he's been out for a week now and I believe I am cemented in my opinion of him by now. I was going to do this article last week but it was post-poned due to the Patch, and I wanted to learn more about him (As spending 15,000 gold on him was out of the question) by watching him played before I wrote anything about him.

    General Design:

    In general, I am fairly sure the design team wanted to capture both aspects of Chen; the Brewer and the Monk, to retain his iconicism. In doing so, I'm sure th

  • Final Phase of Alpha Soon to Begin!

    Finally, the moment many have been waiting for; information released on account wipes, the alpha duration, rewards, etc. etc. A lot of people ask questions that the Blizzard News Article answers...so I figure I'll put this information in a very easy-to-see form so everyone knows what exactly is happening.

    FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions):

    • The shop will be disabled on Sept. 22nd (No Gold OR $.$$ purchases), but the Alpha will stay live all the way up until the 29th.

    • From the 22nd to the 29th, ALL Heroes will be Free to Play and none will need to be bought from the Shop.

    • On the 29th of September, the game will go down for extended maintenance. The exact date it finishes is not revealed, but i
  • Patch Notes Review - 9/10/2014

    I'm going to separate this into a couple sections for your convenience - click Section 1 for the TL;DR version where I summarize as much as possible and cover the essentials. Click Section 2 to go over the less important, but still significant, changes. Click Section 3 for the consequences section, where I detail what the patch notes mean in practical terms.

    The Important Stuff

    • Chen Stormstout, the Legendary Brewmaster, has been added to the game as a play
  • Heroes' Digest:

    Week 6: Tyrael

    Everyone knows Tyrael, arguably the most influential Archangel (Spoiler alert, now Aspect) in the Diablo Series. Tyrael is never a playable character, and is only ever seen fighting a few times in Archangel form. These fights are short-lived and do not really show off any "special" moves that Tyrael has. In his cinematics, he is seen using his "Wings" as tendril-esque weapons, but other than that all you can tell is that he can fly and he has a sword.

    As such, he had no iconic "skillset" to pull from, which leaves plenty of doors open for design.

    General Design:

    The first of these doors was his primary role, of which they chose Warrior (Or tank). I could have seen him as a Melee Assassin flying around, but I think making him a Warrior has some obvious parallels to his character - such as the fac

  • Heroes' Digest:

    Week 5: Illidan Stormrage

    Illidan is an extremely iconic character from Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft (even though his storyline got butchered once WoW came out so you could kill him as a raid boss), and as all iconic characters from WC3, he has things that veterans connect with to implement into Heroes'...Illidan in particular has a whole mess of things he's known for: his VA along with specific quotes, his old Demon Hunter kit from WC3, his more Arcane-oriented abilities, etc. Let's take a glance into his design...

    General Design:

    There are some oddities about Illidan's design that people have raised concern with. One is that he has unlimited mana; this is an interesting design decision considering Demon Hunters had mana in the past, and were in fact half-spell-users by way of Immolation/Mana Burn. The other is that his spell-or

  • Heroes' Digest:

    Week 4: Valla

    Valla makes perfect sense to implement into Heroes of the Storm as a sustained-DPS "carry" role, and I think Blizzard gave her kit, along with skills and runes, a pretty smooth transition from Diablo III...even down to that notorious red hood of hers. I like that they added in some flavor into her talents by giving her talents which are very similar to her runes in D3.

    General Design:

    So, they essentially changed Valla's Hatred/Discipline duo-resource into "Discipline" (Mana) being her only resource and Hatred being a stacking buff on her. This is a neat change as she more or less keeps a duo-resource (You want your Hatred up all the time) even though she's in a different genre of game.


  • Heroes' Digest:

    Week 3: Kerrigan

    Kerrigan is one of the more unique designs in Heroes of the Storm in that she does not largely mimic her abilities from StarCraft (In fact, 2 of her abilites were taken by Abathur). Looking back at her abilities, it makes a lot of sense why they decided to change her direction, as other heroes had taken similar abilities (Razor Storm/Detector taken by Tass, Deep Tunnels/Burrow by Abathur). This being said, I really like the direction they took her.

    In her kit, which is almost exclusively "new" abilities (aside from shields in general), lies a lot of self-synergy.

    General Design:

    Kerrigan has a very slick design that is mechanically demanding and changes on a case-by-case basis. Her W + E combo is challenging to land when you first pick her up, and it remains difficult to land until you've basically mastered h

  • A Short Story of How to Have Fun

    (Why so serious?)

    Hello fellow Heroes, I wanted to share a little story about how two friends of mine and myself came up with one of the most fun strategies ever. Once upon a time, 3 buddies were playing together and got owned by Matchmaking a couple times in a row. Out of spite to matchmaking, we went full yolo-mode and decided to just 3-man roam around the map as inseparable groupies (Originally a bit frustrated at how the previous games went).

    Initially planning to just have fun and forget winning games any more, we discovered that this new plan is pretty hilarious and tons of fun. Our Heroes were Zeratul, Kerrigan, and Arthas, and all we did was roam around the map killing people and taking camps. We ignored lane XP soak, and most of the time even ignored objectives (Unless that's where all the enemies were at).

    I'm not recommending that this is how you should play all the time, but once in a wh

  • Matchmaking in HotS

    Blizzard released an article on Friday that sheds some light on the match making within HotS. It comes as no surprise that they’re using the SC2 mmr system as the base. The SC2 system was well polished and deserving of reuse. That being said, match making has historically been a large problem with MOBAs. If Blizzard can get this right early, that will be a huge feather in their cap. Interesting to note as well that in their “future” section, they have something listed that I’ve been saying since this I got into the alpha – The level you’ve achieved on your individual hero should be factored into match making. That way people that are trying new heroes get matched with others that are trying new heroes. That would lend itself to people trying more heroes or even queuing the dreaded “Random Hero”. The Blizzard article can be found here: Read More...

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